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The Return of George Zimmer and His Plan to Home Tailor Online Clothing


Remember that guy George Zimmer (NOT ZIMMERMAN) and his famous “you’ll like the way you look i guarantee it” line. Well he is back, sort of. After being terminated by the board of the Men’s Warehouse, a company he founded and turned into a multi-billion dollar haberdashery empire, he has a new startup. According to Engadget, the clothing tycoon has a new venture called zTailor.

Zimmer’s new project is called zTailor, a company allows customers to coordinate an in-home fitting. All you have to do is book the appointment and a clothing pro with no less than five years of altering experience will take your measurements and return the items in a week or less. What’s more, if the item still doesn’t fit, any further changes are done free of charge. The same applies if you coordinate through the aforementioned retailers, too. zTailor is available in more areas, though, as folks in Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Illinois, Maryland, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Oregon, Texas, Utah, Washington and Wisconsin. The plan is for the service to be available throughout the US before summer’s end.

What more can you expect from a guy that was kicked off the board of his own company (Batman & Wayne Enterprises, anyone?) and has personally guaranteed that millions of me would like the way they look ( I must agree, I do…). Macy’s and Bloomingdales have already agreed to sign on to the service.

PS. George Zimmer is a dopplegagger for the most interesting man in the world.

downloadSource: Engadget

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Google Maps is Back on iOS again…

Normally we bring mainly men’s fashion related post but today is a random tech nugget which we occasionally do from time to time… Good news for the iPhone 5 crowd, the Great google maps is back

Google has released its long-awaited map app for the iPhone. And it delivers all the expected features: voice-guided turn-by-turn navigation, traffic, public transit, Street View and so on.

For the few folks that actually use Siri on the regular, she is not integrated with the app so sorry.

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Fashionology or Techion? – When Technology meets Fashion

Technology and Fashion Mash-up

Fashionology or Techion, or whatever strange amalgamation of two words that we don’t normally see together. But I think in this day and age, technology has reached the status of fashion or fashion accessory. Take the next iPhone or the Google’s Project Glass. People are quick to accessorize s their smartphone with a case that states something about themselves. Whether it be the camouflage Otterbox or the Gameboy iPhone case, people let their technology represent them (the same way emo kids let Hot Topic tees “define” them). And just look at Google Project Glasses, they have already hit the runway for NYFW.

Fashion and technology are intertwining in ways never before imaginable. Just look at the number of apps that address fashion along in the App Store and Google Play (including our own selfless plug for The Man’s Closet: The Ultimate Shirt and Tie App which is out for Android now and will be on new iPhone and iPad shortly). It’s interesting to imagine what mash-up of fashionology or techion will show up in the future… Maybe everyone will look as fresh and cool as this guy

Guy with Project Glass

Instead of this:

What could happen with technology and fashion.

Shirt and Tie App

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