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Cornell West and His Uniform

Great piece (except for the epileptic camera man, seriously watch) about a man and his daily uniform: black suit, white shirt, black tie, and scarf. I love how he he explains his style. Dr. West has swag.

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It’s All About the Details


Men’s style can sometimes be considered the black sheep of the fashion world. Could this be because of the lack of options compared to women’s fashion? Maybe it’s because men sometimes appear to be simpler with their wardrobe choices. Without doing the research, I can’t fully explain why, but what I can say is even though it may appear that men aren’t as into the fashion industry or style trends as women are, Men’s fashion choices still matter.

As we all start the New Year with our resolutions and agendas to become more stylish, one small step that can be taken is paying more attention to details. Details are often what pull a look together and set people apart from the next. A daytime look can be taken from 1 to 10 by adding a simple pocket square or blazer. Taking the extra few steps to pull a look together, can take anyone’s personal style to new levels.  I recently spoke with Style Blogger Walè Soluade, and got his insight on Men’s style and the importance of  “getting dressed” rather than just “putting on clothes.” Check out our conversation, and hopefully find some new ideas on how to spruce up your daily look for the new year.

How long have you been into fashion?

I think I’ve always been into it as I’ve always cared about how I looked even when I was just following trends and trying to be fashionable i.e wearing oversized jersey’s. Now I’m fortunate enough to have defined what my style aesthic is, so no matter how “fashionable” or “on trend” something is, if it’s not me, I’m cool on it. I like understanding the details of what I’m wearing and why, so I started studying the more technical aspects of menswear. For example, understanding how and what a tie is constructed of plays into what types of knots tied with it.

Where do you get your inspiration?

I’m mainly inspired by how older Italian gentlemen dress.  They call it sprezzatura, which in the most basic translation is the art of doing difficult things in a way that appears easy.  When dressed, it just seems like it’s nothing to them, as if they didn’t have to try hard to put something with such flair together, yet when you look at the details, you recognize the thought that had to have gone into it.

What do you think is the most important part of a polished look?

Tailoring.  First, and foremost.  I have seen a $400 suit look better than a $5000 suit simply because the one individual bothered to take his suit to a tailor and have minor adjustments made and the other didn’t.  Tailoring also applies to pants, shirts, coats etc.  On my website, there is a page entirely on the relationship between a man and his tailor.

 How important are accessories for men?   

I believe they are very important and can be the key to sealing a look or destroying it.  Men no longer need to be afraid of wearing accessories and more than one at a time at that.  However, balance is extremely important. For example with bracelets, the right one or two does the job but once you start wearing four or five at the same time then you risk distracting from your look.

What would you say is one of the most overlooked parts of man’s look?

Going to with socks here even though more and more men are starting to pay closer attention to them.  Gym socks whether white or black need to stay in the gym or around the house. 

If you’re interested in more style tips from Walé, follow him on Twitter and IG @acuratedman or you can find him on his personal blog site

***I’ve included below, a couple of links to sites that can help jump start your sock collection. If you have to start small, start with socks. Why not?



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Mastering Permanent Fashion

Style and fashion will always be an issue when it comes to men’s clothing.
Like women, we too have some style and fashion essentials that should always be found in our closet.

Ideally we should build our wardrobe a few pieces at a time over a decade. A well equipped wardrobe is an essential part of men’s fashion.Right clothing injects confidence, makes a person look stylish and also attracts the ladies. But, there will always be those clothes that will never go out of style. With some essential stuff in the wardrobe, a unique and flexible collection can be easily carried out with style.

First things first, buy enough casual clothing to last two weeks to a month. Being casual
can be fashionable. Purchase mostly solid-colored pieces, with a few patterns thrown in
for evening or social events. We should make sure the clothing fits us appropriately. For
business clothing, we can plan on having enough garments to go one full week without
hitting the dry cleaners. To that end, purchase a mixture of suits, dress pants, jackets,
plus matching ties and shirts. Pare down accessories by getting rid of dated pieces. For
most guys, chunky gold chains, super-shiny pendants and huge rings look gaudy and
should be avoided.Not all of us can pull off the swagger look. Adhering to these major
factors would help in deciding the personality and style we want to portray. A sensible
choice of these essentials can make us look elegant, classy and charming. Picking the right
clothes is very important both in casual and professional scenarios. Slowly integrating
these finds into our closet, we will be ready at a moment’s notice for whatever event is
thrown our way.

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