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Another Great Suit and Shoe Chart

suit chart

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Shoe In – How to Maintain Your Shoes

So you investing in a quality pair of dress shoes, here is how you keep them up.

Polishing Your Shoes

1. Wipe your shoes down with a damp cloth to remove superficial dirt and stains.

2. Wet the welt brush and scrub out the entire welt strip.

3. If the shoes need it, apply sole-edge dressing — carefully. If you get it on the uppers, it will stain them permanently. Let edge dressing dry before going any further.

4. Apply polish, using a circular rubbing motion. You don’t need to slather it on. You don’t need to be gentle. And the more you rub, the better. Let the polish dry. It should take about five minutes.

5. Buff the entire shoe with a polishing brush. For extra gleam, hold the shoe between your knees and buff the toe vigorously with a lint-free cloth.

Taken From Esquire How To Care For Your Shoes

Picture From ArtofManliness | Shoe Care 101: An Illustrated Guide

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Accessorizing – Shoes 2 Belts

One of the overlooked areas in men’s stylish dressing is the relationship between belts and shoes. The first point to make concerning belts and shoes is that you should not actually match them, they should complement each other.  Since men’s belt don’t really have much color options to choose from, other than the traditional colors such as black, brown, white and rich tan, we wouldn’t have that much difficulty matching it with shoes.

The belt, a member of the accessory family, is often only an after-thought. As much as the belt is functional, it is ultimately used to add further style to the outfit.

A simple rule to keep in mind is that you should wear a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes. Pay particular attention to shades. You should match your brown belt to the particular shade of brown shoes exactly. Wearing a beige colored leather belt with a pair of dark brown business shoes is careless and never advisable. No matter how much thought you put into the rest of your outfit, it will look a bit messy or out of tune with the rest of you.

Tone will mostly apply to brown, since there are so many shades to choose from. The darker the shoe is the darker the belt should be. You want to create harmony in the tones of leather and not conflict. Let them always complement each other.

The last area to touch on is how to select a belt when wearing shoes in bright colors, like red or green.  Wearing a belt in the same color will often seem too much.  If you are wearing red shoes it would probably be the main focus of your outfit and a red belt would only serve to knock your look right over the edge.  Consider a brown that has some red tone to it like a caramel color.

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