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Cute Dimples – How to Show Your Attention to Detail

Once you’ve put together a nice outfit and perfectly matched your shirt to your tie. You want to add the finishing touch to your tie. The Dimple is the sign that you care not only about what you wear, but HOW you wear it. It’s the little devil in the detail that can get you noticed or rather have the person/people who need to notice you. Have you ever seen the president or any presidential candidate (keep an eye out for Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden’s neck-wear this debate season) with a carefully tied necktie without a dimple? Nope!

Here’s How To Do It

Go ahead and tie your tie, as we have shown before here. Before you tighten the knot, place your index finger bellow the knot in the middle and form a hollow by squeezing the two sides of the necktie. Then tighten your knot and gradually slip your finger out. The dimple should remain in the center. Dimple tend to form better in heavy and more course fabrics. If you still can’t get after several tries, you could always resort to a commercial product such as the Dimple Clip.

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Posted by on September 11, 2012 in Fashion, Men's Fashion


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