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Caring For Your Clothes

The old aphorism, “Clothes make a man”, emphasizes on how important clothes are to a person. That’s why we should not only buy the clothes that show our personality but we should also know how to take care of them. If you give the daily and weekly care that your clothes need, you can go years without buying new ones.

If our closet is small or if we have a roommate to share it with, then it is essential to arrange and organize our clothes so that each one has enough space. Clothes hangers are always important. They remove creases and other fold marks that make the clothes unattractive or untidy. Delicate materials like silk and linen, and work shirts, should be hung to prevent wrinkles while knitted sweaters including tops, pants, skirts, and dresses should be folded to prevent stretching. However, if the drawer is tight on space, a sweater can be folded in half and draped over the bar of a hanger. Pants can often be hung because they are heavier, but casual pants and shorts such as jeans and khakis can also be folded.

Before throwing any of our clothes in the wash, you should first check the tag. It goes without saying, but if the tag says “Dry Clean Only,” DRY CLEAN ONLY. Do not wash clothes more often than necessary. Some clothes don’t need to be washed every time they were worn, unless spots and dirt are visible. Frequent washing can easily damage them, especially when we twist, heat, beat, and force water and soap through the fabric. Air them between washings. Do not dry them in a dryer unless you have to. Dryers wear out fabric quickly. They also set stains and make seams twist and make some hems turn upwards. We’l continue to bring more cleaning and care tips in the upcoming weeks.

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