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Kobe to Retire!

kobe retires

It’s with mixed feelings that I read the great 5 time NBA champion’s poem announcing that he was walking away from the game that made him a household name. As a Kobe fan that watched him from draft day, to multiple champions, to the worst season of his long 20 year career it’s hard to see him leave. But after watching him diminish the last several years I have to say that it really is time to hang it up before he tarnishes his amazing legacy. Whether or not you like Kobe, as an athlete or person, you have to respect his relentless work ethic. Read his full poem below…

Dear Basketball,

From the moment
I started rolling my dad’s tube socks
And shooting imaginary
Game-winning shots
In the Great Western Forum
I knew one thing was real:

I fell in love with you.

A love so deep I gave you my all —
From my mind & body
To my spirit & soul.

As a six-year-old boy
Deeply in love with you
I never saw the end of the tunnel.
I only saw myself
Running out of one.

And so I ran.
I ran up and down every court
After every loose ball for you.
You asked for my hustle
I gave you my heart
Because it came with so much more.

I played through the sweat and hurt
Not because challenge called me
But because YOU called me.
I did everything for YOU
Because that’s what you do
When someone makes you feel as
Alive as you’ve made me feel.

You gave a six-year-old boy his Laker dream
And I’ll always love you for it.
But I can’t love you obsessively for much longer.
This season is all I have left to give.
My heart can take the pounding
My mind can handle the grind
But my body knows it’s time to say goodbye.

And that’s OK.
I’m ready to let you go.
I want you to know now
So we both can savor every moment we have left together.
The good and the bad.
We have given each other
All that we have.

And we both know, no matter what I do next
I’ll always be that kid
With the rolled up socks
Garbage can in the corner
:05 seconds on the clock
Ball in my hands.
5 … 4 … 3 … 2 … 1

Love you always,


Source: The Players Tribute| Dear Basketball

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Jordan’s “I’m Back” Fax Set the World on Fire 20 Years Ago



20 years ago Jordan made a huge media splash by just saying two words – “I’m back.” Even more important was how they were said…Via Fax. In our instantaneous world of Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook this looks and sounds prehistoric. This led the way for one of the most spectacular sports stories in recent history. After his return Jordan had to wear 45 for the next 22 games, as he decided to retire his number 23. But after Nick Anderson of the Orlando Magic stole the ball from Jordan (which ultimately lead to a Bulls lose) in Game 1 of the 1995 East Conference Final with 10 seconds left, Anderson told the press “Number 45 is not number 23,I couldn’t have done that to number 23.” Apparently Jordan agreed, and did his best Clark Kent/Superman impression when he removed his warm-ups just before the start of Game 2 to reveal “the 23.” MJ dropped 38 points that game and even though the Bulls lost the series MJ went on to average 31 ppg. 3 more titles later and the rest is well…history.

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GIF of the Day

GIF of the Day

Dez Bryant with a super catch over 2 people in the back of the endzone.

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The Largest Running Back in the Nation

Tony “Big Tone” Picard is 6′ 4″, 400 lbs. and plays both nose tackle and running back for the White Swan Cougars in Washington. According to Indian Country Media Network “Picard started out as a lineman, and still plays defensive nose tackle, but he was faster than one expected.”

Source: Indian Country Today Media Network

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Best Put-Back Dunk…EVER!

From, here is a dunk from Javonte Douglas, a 6’7″ forward from Central Florida, which is the best head-over-the-rim dunk since Victor Dukes (below) which might be the best dunk ever. Sorry Vince.

Javonte Douglas (6’7″)

Victor Dukes (6’4″)

You choose.

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Dwight Howard Wanted the Lakers To Amnesty Kobe

Kobe - Dwight

Recent reports have stated that one of the reasons that Dwight didn’t stay put in LA is that he want the Lakers to 86 Kobe and make Howard the main event. Unfortunately for him the Lakers’ brass (and most of the world) disagreed. Kobe, aging and now with a bum leg (torn Achilles tendon), is still likely to be more productive that a soft Howard. It’s safe to say that Howard, hampered by a bad shoulder last season, is the league’s premium big man but is still underachieving despite his solid numbers. Most Lakers’ fans will agree that Howard couldn’t had LA’s lime light and were happy to see him go.

Also in other news the Lakers’ have decided to exercise their amnesty clause on Metta World Peace (PKA Ron Artest AKA “I fight fans”). The Lake-show has also added Nick Young and a few other pieces to start what rebuilding process.


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Canada wins the Game…And the Fight

I guest everybody forgot about NAFTA during a match in the WBC between Canada and Mexico yesterday. After Rene Tosoni was hit by a pitch both benches cleared, words were exchanged, and then punches were thrown. The incident seemed to stem from the Canadian team trying to get more runs in the 9th inning, which is beneficial to them as runs are calculated into the tie-breaking equation. What’s more interesting is that World Baseball Classic Inc. didn’t discipline anyone after the event claiming:

“Because at least one club — and potentially both — will not advance to the second round, WBCI has determined that disciplinary measures would not have a meaningful corrective impact,” the statement read. “Thus, discipline will not be imposed beyond today’s seven game ejections.”

Interesting side notes from the brawl is that there were multiple interactions between the Canadian team and the pro-Mexico crowd, including water bottles being thrown both ways and a fan throw a ball at a first base coach. A classic basebrawl!

Source: ESPN

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