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How to Match Your Suit and Shoes

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Stance NBA Socks

Stance Socks are some of the hottest dress socks you can find (including a D. Wade line…mhhf). They have just upped the ante with NBA Legends socks. Not only do they have your usual dynasty franchises (Lakers, Bulls, Celtics, and now the Heat), but they have some NBA legends including Dr. J from the free-throw line, Rodman on the boards, Walton in his prime, Hakeem the Dream mid-shake, and the cool L/R sock combo of Stockton rewarding the rolling Malone. These are some great stocking-stuffers for this upcoming holiday season. Definitely check them out.

Stance NBA Collection

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Hat Trick – Fall Hat Fashion

Fall has finally arrived in New Orleans (I know we are a little late to the party, but what do you expect when you just have 2 seasons: hot and cool) and for me that means hat season. Well more like not-a-baseball-cap hat season. So today lets just look at some hat trends for this season.

The Pub Cap









The Pub cap is a beret style hat that can be worn backwards or forward. The most popular maker was Kangol  (the K from Knitting, the ANG from angora, the OL from wool). The hat reached the peak of popularity in the 1980s due to early hiphop artists LL Cool J, Grandmaster Flash, and later Notorius B.I.G. The hat was also made popular by the Lemonade/Iced-tea genius himself, Arnold Palmer and the hardest working man in hollywood, Samuel L. Jackson. Now its probably one of the most trendy fall hats (at least it is mine).

Samuel L

Biggie Smalls

Brad Pitt Killing the Pub Cap








The Fedora









The word fedora comes from 1882 play starring Princess Fedora (played by Sarah Bernhardt). Bernhardt wore the hat and it became the hat of women’s rights activist until 1924 after which men began to wear it. The hat was extremely popular from to 1920s to the early 1950s. Famous fedora-wearers including Bear Bryant, Tom Landry, Indiana Jones, and Michael Jackson. Now you can see one in any trendy hipster spot in your city.

King of Pop

Bear and the houndstooth

The Porkpie

More of a transitional hat from the late summer to early fall, the pork pie became popular in the 1920s due to the dapper silent film start Buster Keaton. Keaton actually cut fedoras and several other type of hats to create the style for his movies. This hat’s heyday was the great depression and made it’s way back to relevance thanks to the great meth kingpin “Heisenberg” ( the alter-ego of AMC’s Breaking Bad character Walter White).

Buster Keaton

Remember My Hat








Of course you can find these hats in various fall hues of midnight blue, tan, grey, and black. And don’t forget to get creative with all the different materials available (wool, straw, tweed, and houndstooth).

The Man's Closet Iphone and Ipad

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Tie Society Now Has Tie Bars

I wanted to post this when it first happened but I didn’t have the time, but I was look through their site again and wanted to mention that Tie Society has some of the nicest Tie bars I’ve seen. For a reminder of how to wear it, we reviewed this a while back How to Wear A Tie Bar


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How to Tie Eldredge Knot

I commonly ignore the exotic knots as I think they are very gimmicky and feel like it’s the equivalent of wearing an ascot to McDonalds. Except for one: the Eldredge Knot. I could find any history or origin of the knot and have only seen one person (not on the internet) wear it, a very fashion forward female friend of mine. Anyway here are the steps on how to do it and video to help. If there is a enough interest I may do more pieces on the “other” knots: the trinity knot, the cape knot, and the Novotny knot. Still need more knots check out AwesomeKnot



The How to video From Alex Krasny:


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Is Chromecast Google’s Next Big Thing

Chromecast is a $35 dongle from the big G that plugs into an HDMI slot on your television, and its main purpose is to reduce the amount of time between wanting to watch a video on Netflix or YouTube and actually doing it. It works with both iOS and Android devices and instead of streaming from your mobile device (tablet, phone, etc) like AirPlay, Chromecast streams straight from the Internet; your phone or tablet just sends the instructions to the dongle. This is perfect for most Netflix viewers and is probably preferable. But for the tinkerers out there, for the same price you could get a Raspberry Pi that you could install XBMC on and have a lot more options, but again this isn’t for your everyday average consumer. What do you think?

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Ugly Christmas Ties

Tis the season for giving…And what’s the best way to show that guy in your life how you feel about him this year? A Christmas tie!??! Hopefully not, unless you are like my wife and just have impeccable taste. Most people end up getting their dads, brothers/brother-in-laws/husbands really, REALLY ugly ties. I myself have been given an ugly tie or two (luckily not by my wife, she reads this blog) and have sat in my closet in the land of forgotten ugly shit, never to see the light of day. Give the guy you care about most, something practical and worthwhile. If you really want to go the route of neckware, check out any of our previous post or even sites like,, etc. Or you could give them the gift that keeps on giving a high quality app that organizes and picks out their tie for them (wink, wink). Where would you find such an app??? (Hint: The Man’s Closet Ultimate Shirt and Tie App below…Again selfless plug)

The Man's Closet Iphone Promotional Banner

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