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Spidey Sense Suit! OH S@#$!


There is a mad scientist from U of I named Victor Mateevitsi has invented a suit that grants the user, “Spidey-like senses.” This is not only cool for the causal com-con fan to brandish for the adoration of his friends and forum buddies, but it could actually help the blind. According to Engadget

SpiderSense is a onesie that uses a series of microphones to rend and receive ultrasonic signals from the space around you, like high frequency radar. When the outfit senses something approaching, a robotic arm corresponding to the microphone exerts pressure on your skin, pointing you in the direction of the danger. Mateevitsi tested the gear by blindfolding researchers and asking them to throw a cardboard ninja star whenever (and wherever) they sensed a threat — with positive results 95 percent of the time. SpiderSense will get its first public showing at Stuttgart’s Augmented Human conference in March and it’s hoped that the hardware will eventually help Blind people get around easier.

Source: Engadget

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