The Brooklyn Nets Fire Avery Johnson

28 Dec

Nets Fire Coach Avery Johnson I find it interesting that the under-performing Nets have fire their coach, Avery Johnson, just one month after being named Eastern Conference Coach of the Month. Of course former super PG DeRon Williams said he had nothing to do with the departure, but this is the same guy that voice his displeasure with Avery’s offense and somehow made the great Jerry Sloan retire from the Utah Jazz.

I think Avery Johnson (fellow New Orleanian and fellow St. Augustine Purple Knight) is a great coach and has been disrespected in the NBA, in Dallas he was named Coach of the Year and then the next year after a disappointing lost in the championship fire. See the comparisons with his departure in Brooklyn (coach of the month, then fired).

Sad enough, the Nets fans are ecstatic that Phil Jackson is in the mix as a possible candidate. Do you think the great Zen-master can come back to his beloved New York (sad that its not the Knicks) and lead them to the promised land as he did in Chicago and LA? Let me know what you think?

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