Ugly Christmas Ties

21 Dec

Tis the season for giving…And what’s the best way to show that guy in your life how you feel about him this year? A Christmas tie!??! Hopefully not, unless you are like my wife and just have impeccable taste. Most people end up getting their dads, brothers/brother-in-laws/husbands really, REALLY ugly ties. I myself have been given an ugly tie or two (luckily not by my wife, she reads this blog) and have sat in my closet in the land of forgotten ugly shit, never to see the light of day. Give the guy you care about most, something practical and worthwhile. If you really want to go the route of neckware, check out any of our previous post or even sites like,, etc. Or you could give them the gift that keeps on giving a high quality app that organizes and picks out their tie for them (wink, wink). Where would you find such an app??? (Hint: The Man’s Closet Ultimate Shirt and Tie App below…Again selfless plug)

The Man's Closet Iphone Promotional Banner

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Posted by on December 21, 2012 in Accessories, Apps, Fashion, Men's Fashion



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