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The Man’s Closet now avaliable for Ipad and Iphone!

Now available for the ipad and iphone. I was just starting to wonder what the hold up for approval and boom Apple comes through! Check out the ultimate shirt and tie combo app. It’s really simple to use. Take a picture of your shirts and ties, tag the colors, pinch-to-zoom to scale shirts and ties, and the app does the rest. It can pick combos that match based our simple color algorithm or you can pick your combos and save them or share them with your friends on facebook, twitter, or your iOS device.The best shirt and tie app for men's fashion.

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More Videos on How To Tie A Tie

Tying Tie

How To Tie Different Tie Styles

We get lots of requests (or emails) asking about more videos or information on how to tie the most popular tie styles. So we gather a good collection of videos to walk you through it.

Windsor Knot

Half-Windsor Knot

Four-in-Hand Knot

The Bow Tie

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Check out our app the first and only shirt and tie matching app!

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Today I submitted to Apple for approval. Should be in the App Store soon! Keep checking back for the release.ImageImageImage



Screenshorts for iOS Version of Our Shirt and Tie App for iPhone/iPad

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Time Out: Why Every Man Shouldn’t Leave The House Without A Watch

Presidential RolexThe wristwatch. A simple concept and device and yet it speaks volumes. From the pocket watch of old to today’s trendy digital watches this is one probably the only accessory that you every need to leave the house (and it even matches your overpriced concert tees). The watch is the quintessential accessory in men’s fashion. So important that Men’s Health named it Rule No. 6 of it’s rules that men MUST follow.

Rule 6

A man wears a watch

Men used to wear pocket watches, round clunky things. A pocket watch was great for a guy, except when he was trying to discreetly measure the time between two job interviews or the time he had to finish up with the Dowager McMurtry and come a-calling on the Widow Jones. Then came the invention of the wrist-watch, and now a man could juggle employers and women with just a casual flip of the wrist. Sadly, this ingenious tactic is under siege: These days, many of us tell time not by wristwatch but by our cellphones. Great devices, unless you’re, well, trying to be discreet while digging one out of your pants. So we’re back to square one. Be a man. Wear a watch.

Read more at Men’s Health:

First Watch

I don’t think I could sum it up any better. I think it is amazing to think that the earliest watch dates back to 1530, with a spring-loaded mechanism. This is a time when everyone thought the world was flat and before thermometers and graphite pencils were invented, CRAZY!

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