The Return of Skinny Ties

02 Sep

20120902-083616.jpgFrom the 1970’s into the 1980’s, thin has been “in” in terms of neckties, and skinny ties became hugely popular. However, wider ties began to rise and became fashionable again by the early 90’s. Since then, there has been a tag-of-war between “skinny” versus “wider” ties. But today, skinny ties have made a definite rebirth in the mainstream fashion world, and are now more popular than ever. They are a fashion must. The skinny tie is one of the trendiest styles for men as well as celebrity A-listers.

Skinny ties are classic and timeless. They are key agents of “cool” and stylish for today’s modern man. In addition to thin ties being fashionable, because they are thin it gives the illusion of making our look taller. This is great news for men with a shorter stature.

The most fun thing about skinny ties is that they come in a variety of styles, colors and even in stripes, which we can really play around with. We can experiment and discover what makes us look and feel good. The skinny tie’s versatility is what keeps the appeal for them, so there are really no rules for wearing skinny ties. We can tie it completely for a dresser look, or leave it loose for the ultimate cool image. They are suitable and appropriate for everything from daytime to nightfall. They’re typically worn with dress pants, but for a more laid back look we can also go from jeans to chinos. Every shirt and almost every accessory can be paired with the skinny tie, giving room for creativity and dress style to be appropriate for any occasion. When worn for the right reasons, men’s skinny neckwear will always be in style and not just on a seasonal design statement.

The skinny tie is a definite must-have for every man’s closet. In the right setting and under the right circumstances, they are here to stay.

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