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Why Every Guy Needs A Good Pair of Loafers

Do you need a pair of loafers?

Loafer shoesYes, the real question should be “Why don’t you already own a pair of loafers?”  The loafer is undoubtedly the most versatile shoe that any guy can have in his closet.  Loafers instantly turn a formal piece down a notch and turn a overly-laid-back piece into something mildly respectable. Whatever your look is, loafers can definitely play apart. I seriously spend about 75% of my time outside of work in them. I can’t say that much about any other of my shoes (and in my youth I was in a sneaker 100% of the time). If you were on a budget and had only one shoe to buy I would go with a good pair of loafers. Whether it the tasseled loafer (yup they are back in style, the penny loafer, or the iconic Gucci loafer, it is hard to not include these in your closet. They go nicely with slacks, nice jeans, ratty jeans, and for any dad over 30 sweats, LOL!

A little history of loafers

According to

Today’s men’s loafers have their origins in the moccasin-like shoe worn by Norwegian farmers for over a century. The shoes themselves were made as an easy-to-slip-on-and-off leather shoe to walk across the summer pastures to check on their cattle loafing and grazing in the countryside. Hence, the name “loafer” became associated with the shoe. What began on the farm soon became a casual men’s shoe for the village, and by the 1930s the loafer was the casual shoe of European men…

The Bass shoe company introduced a men’s loafer in 1934 as the “Weejun,” a phonetic shortening of Norwegian, which soon became a staple on the campuses of East coast prep schools.

Gucci redefined the look of the loafer with the addition of its own miniature horse bit across the top of the shoe in the 1960s. Gucci still produces this style today with modern flourishes on its Penny and driving loafers.

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Turning video game sprites into 3D objects

Real collect Tech wizardry…I want a 3D printer 😦


Anyone who has played Minecraftfor a good amount of time should have a good grasp on making 3D objects by placing voxels block by block. A giant voxel art dragon behind your base is cool, but what about the math behind your block based artwork? [mikolalysenko] put together a tutorial for making 3D objects out of video game sprites and covers a lot of the math involved in turning pixels into voxels.

The process of modeling a 3D object from a series of 2D images is a very well-studied computer vision problem called multiview stereo reconstruction. This process has been used to build 3D models of random objects with devices such as the Stanford spherical gantry. Unfortunately the math for this algorithm is a mess, but there is another way: using photo hulls (PDF warning) to find the largest possible object from a series of images showing the…

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Fashionology or Techion? – When Technology meets Fashion

Technology and Fashion Mash-up

Fashionology or Techion, or whatever strange amalgamation of two words that we don’t normally see together. But I think in this day and age, technology has reached the status of fashion or fashion accessory. Take the next iPhone or the Google’s Project Glass. People are quick to accessorize s their smartphone with a case that states something about themselves. Whether it be the camouflage Otterbox or the Gameboy iPhone case, people let their technology represent them (the same way emo kids let Hot Topic tees “define” them). And just look at Google Project Glasses, they have already hit the runway for NYFW.

Fashion and technology are intertwining in ways never before imaginable. Just look at the number of apps that address fashion along in the App Store and Google Play (including our own selfless plug for The Man’s Closet: The Ultimate Shirt and Tie App which is out for Android now and will be on new iPhone and iPad shortly). It’s interesting to imagine what mash-up of fashionology or techion will show up in the future… Maybe everyone will look as fresh and cool as this guy

Guy with Project Glass

Instead of this:

What could happen with technology and fashion.

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Tie Down, Tie Down – How To Clean and Salvage a Stained Tie

So this week has not been a good weak for me and my ties. It appears that I may have ruined 2 of my favorite ties. The first was done in by the infamous nacho cheese, the second by my good friend the Latte. I thought the ties were done, and was ready to try to figure out how to help them move peacefully on into the tie after-life when I decided to see if there was any way to salvage them.  I’ve had friends pay for drycleaners to professionally destroy their ties, so I knew that was out. I turn to google, as usual, for a solution. I found many options but for the most part they were unhelpful. Here is a somewhat helpful piece from

How to Clean a Tie

Ties are made of delicate fabrics such as silk. If you spill ink, coffee, juice, etc on your tie, it is difficult to remove the stain and very often the tie is permanently ruined. Even if you manage to get the stain out of the tie, the cleaning process will damage the tie and it will not look as nice as before, especially for silk ties. Hence, be careful and not to get any stains on the tie in the first place.

If unfortunately you spill something on your tie, blot the stain with a tissue or handkerchief. Remember not to rub the stain since it will enlarge the affected area.

After that you may use a moistened washcloth to rub the stain slightly and see if the stain can be removed. Then use a hair-drier to get rid of the moistness left. Do not hold the hair-drier too close to the tie since high temperature can damage the fabric.

If that’s not successful, you may try cleaning it in water by hand. (Note: The tie may shrink if you clean it with water. Also, you must not put a tie in a washing machine.) Soak the stain in water and slightly rub the stain with your hand. If a mild cleaning agent is used, you should first apply a little of it at the back of your tie (or other not easily seen places) to check if the cleaning agent will weaken the color or damage the fabric of the tie.

Another choice is to send your tie to a dry-cleaner. However, note that the chemicals used in dry-cleaning will make damages to your tie, even if the dry-cleaner is among the best ones. Furthermore, a silk tie will lose its shine after dry-cleaning.

Remember to point out the stain to the dry-cleaner. This ensures that the dry-cleaner will pay attention to the stain during the dry-cleaning process.

Again the dry-cleaners is a bit of a risk, but if you’ve try the above to no avail it could be your best last ditch effort. Or you could always turn to a good tie rental solution like If you guys have any solutions let us know.

UPDATE: Make that 3 ties, one now covered in fake blood…

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Cute Dimples – How to Show Your Attention to Detail

Once you’ve put together a nice outfit and perfectly matched your shirt to your tie. You want to add the finishing touch to your tie. The Dimple is the sign that you care not only about what you wear, but HOW you wear it. It’s the little devil in the detail that can get you noticed or rather have the person/people who need to notice you. Have you ever seen the president or any presidential candidate (keep an eye out for Romney/Ryan and Obama/Biden’s neck-wear this debate season) with a carefully tied necktie without a dimple? Nope!

Here’s How To Do It

Go ahead and tie your tie, as we have shown before here. Before you tighten the knot, place your index finger bellow the knot in the middle and form a hollow by squeezing the two sides of the necktie. Then tighten your knot and gradually slip your finger out. The dimple should remain in the center. Dimple tend to form better in heavy and more course fabrics. If you still can’t get after several tries, you could always resort to a commercial product such as the Dimple Clip.

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Mastering Permanent Fashion

Style and fashion will always be an issue when it comes to men’s clothing.
Like women, we too have some style and fashion essentials that should always be found in our closet.

Ideally we should build our wardrobe a few pieces at a time over a decade. A well equipped wardrobe is an essential part of men’s fashion.Right clothing injects confidence, makes a person look stylish and also attracts the ladies. But, there will always be those clothes that will never go out of style. With some essential stuff in the wardrobe, a unique and flexible collection can be easily carried out with style.

First things first, buy enough casual clothing to last two weeks to a month. Being casual
can be fashionable. Purchase mostly solid-colored pieces, with a few patterns thrown in
for evening or social events. We should make sure the clothing fits us appropriately. For
business clothing, we can plan on having enough garments to go one full week without
hitting the dry cleaners. To that end, purchase a mixture of suits, dress pants, jackets,
plus matching ties and shirts. Pare down accessories by getting rid of dated pieces. For
most guys, chunky gold chains, super-shiny pendants and huge rings look gaudy and
should be avoided.Not all of us can pull off the swagger look. Adhering to these major
factors would help in deciding the personality and style we want to portray. A sensible
choice of these essentials can make us look elegant, classy and charming. Picking the right
clothes is very important both in casual and professional scenarios. Slowly integrating
these finds into our closet, we will be ready at a moment’s notice for whatever event is
thrown our way.

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Caring For Your Clothes

The old aphorism, “Clothes make a man”, emphasizes on how important clothes are to a person. That’s why we should not only buy the clothes that show our personality but we should also know how to take care of them. If you give the daily and weekly care that your clothes need, you can go years without buying new ones.

If our closet is small or if we have a roommate to share it with, then it is essential to arrange and organize our clothes so that each one has enough space. Clothes hangers are always important. They remove creases and other fold marks that make the clothes unattractive or untidy. Delicate materials like silk and linen, and work shirts, should be hung to prevent wrinkles while knitted sweaters including tops, pants, skirts, and dresses should be folded to prevent stretching. However, if the drawer is tight on space, a sweater can be folded in half and draped over the bar of a hanger. Pants can often be hung because they are heavier, but casual pants and shorts such as jeans and khakis can also be folded.

Before throwing any of our clothes in the wash, you should first check the tag. It goes without saying, but if the tag says “Dry Clean Only,” DRY CLEAN ONLY. Do not wash clothes more often than necessary. Some clothes don’t need to be washed every time they were worn, unless spots and dirt are visible. Frequent washing can easily damage them, especially when we twist, heat, beat, and force water and soap through the fabric. Air them between washings. Do not dry them in a dryer unless you have to. Dryers wear out fabric quickly. They also set stains and make seams twist and make some hems turn upwards. We’l continue to bring more cleaning and care tips in the upcoming weeks.

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