Tied Up: Windsor & Half Windsor

25 Aug

For some, putting on a tie is a joy while others see this plainly as a waste of time. This is especially true if you don’t know the proper way to tie your necktie. But you see, there is more than just one style in tying your tie. There are two popular choices: the Windsor and the half Windsor.

How to Tie Full Winsor

Step 1: Place the tie around your neck with the skinny end hanging on one shoulder and the thicker end on the other shoulder. Step 2: Adjust the length of the skinny end by making it longer or shorter, depending on the size of your neck. Step 3: Cross the fat portion over the skinny end to make an X fairly close to your neck (around about the second button on your dress shirt). Step 4: Fold the larger end around the smaller end; loop the fat end through the neck and pull the two ends slightly apart so that the larger end is on one side of your body and the thinner end is on the other. Step 5: Take the bigger end of the tie and fold it behind your first “knot,” then loop the larger end toward you through the noose of the neck to form a second “knot,” and pull this one tight. Step 6: To complete the final knot, fold the larger end around the two other “knots” you created previously (thus covering them both up) and loop it through the noose again. Step 7: To complete the final knot, fold the larger end around the two other “knots” you created previously (thus covering them both up) and loop it through the noose again.

How to Tie Half-Windsor

Simply follow the first 4 steps in tying a Windsor then fold the thicker end over your handiwork so far and bring the large end of the tie through the noose, tucking it into the knot you made.

Other ways of tying your tie are: the Four-In-Hand, and the shell knot which you can use during casual wear; and the Pratt, which is similar to the Windsor but tied more loosely.

How to Make a Dimple in Your Necktie Knot  gives us a little advice on how to get the perfect dimple.

To make a dimpled tie knot is actually quite easy. During the final step of your tie knot, right before tightening, slide a finger inside the loop and carefully fold the tie along the center. Fold the tie all the way up through the knot to ensure the dimple stays in place. Then, carefully tighten the knot while pulling out your finger. With a little bit of practice it really is that simple. If you still have difficulty making a dimple after several attempts, then try it with a different necktie. Different fabric weaves make some ties better suited for a dimpled tie knot than others.

Want you shirt to match your tie? Now there’s an app for that. Look for it in the Google Play Store and Apple’s App Store.

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