Mixed Up: Matching Patterned Ties and Shirts

19 Aug

Who ever said that men are excused from being fashionable? In fact, both men and women face the same problem- what to wear, what matches this, what matches that, and the like. Just like women, men, need to mix and match clothes too. But it just seems easier for men to put on something since they only have limited clothes designs- the typical t-shirts, polo shirts, and the formal coat and tie. Nevertheless, sometimes being overly simple can give you a headache too. Matching plain prints and solid colors are easy as pie but it becomes a struggle when matching patterned ties and shirts.

Here are some tips in matching patterned ties and shirts. Four main rules to follow: number 1, repeat colors in pattern. This means that you should first take a step back and determine the dominant color of your shirt. After which, pick a tie that has design accents that match the same dominant color of your shirt. Number 2, graduate checks outward;. If you pick a checkered shirt, make sure that you use a tie with bigger checkered prints than your shirt. At this point, don’t forget rule number 1.

Number 3, vary weights within patterns. Don’t go for a matching shirt and tie with the same design and its size. Rather, opt to go for the other one smaller in design while the other is chunkier than that of the first.  And number 4, match smaller patterns with larger ones. As simple as smaller designs matched to bigger designs and vice versa is the key essence to rule number 4.

After this, matching patterned ties and shirts wouldn’t be as hard as you though it would be. Simply follow these four basic rules and you won’t go wrong. Don’t forget to incorporate all 4 of them because they all correlate with each other.

If you still need help why not try our app The Man’s Closet. It not only can pick out your shirt and tie combo for you but can also save it and then let you post it on facebook or twitter. Just take a picture of your shirt/tie and tag the primary and secondary color, if there is one. Then the app will pick shirts that match the tie and ties that match your shirt. It’s thank simple. You can find it on the Android store here The Man’s Closet: The Ultimate Shirt and Tie App.

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