Why Every Man Needs A Tux And How to Wear It

16 Aug


Attending a formal event often requires that men wear tuxedos and most men are going to attend formal events multiple times in their lives. If you are in college, chances are there will be a couple of formal events where you should wear a tux and if you plan on having a successful career, you will need a tux.

Now the question is why should you own one rather than rent one? Well the answer is simple: buying one is cheaper. Even though rentals (usually ranges from $50 to $80 in bargain stores) would seem more practical than buying one, if you rented 3 times in 4 years, you will have spent at least $200 if not more. If you rent a tux more than that, you would be better off investing in a good quality tuxedo.

When buying or even renting a tux, always try it on while in the shop. This will make it easier to determine which style is the right option. So you are ready to buy a tux, what should you look for? For newbies, you would want something simple and classic that would bring out your most elegant look. You can never go wrong with the basic black tuxedo. It is an excellent option for just about any formal occasion.

Which style of tuxedo should you wear? The single-breasted jacket is an all-purpose and classic style that will fit all body types. The double-breasted jacket always looks better on taller men because of its boxy shape style.

Tuxedo shirts come with two types of collars: traditional point collars and wing collars. The wing collar reveals the band of the bow tie going around the neck. Either shirt is acceptable for classic tuxedo style. No matter what shirt you choose, however, French cuffs would be best and finished off with cuff links.

The bow tie usually, if not always, accompanies a tux. There are three tie options to decide upon: The first is the actual bow tie, which takes a bit of practice. But, for your own sake, you should learn to tie your own, rather than buying one that comes pre-tied, which is the second option. And third, a black long tie adds a modern touch to any tux for an evening with a younger crowd. The cummerbund is more an accessory of the past giving way to the trendier vest, and still optional. A nice long black tie without a vest and a single breasted tuxedo is a newer spin on the classic tuxedo look.


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