Suck it Up – Seersucker

15 Aug


Thinking twice of purchasing seersuckers? Or do you already own one but don’t have a clue on what looks good with it?  Well, some men find it difficult when it comes to pulling it off, but if you know the basic dos and don’ts in wearing seersuckers, you’d wish you bought more.

What are seersuckers you ask? Seersuckers are clothes usually worn in spring and summer. This type of clothing is a thin, cotton-based, made of a light wrinkled fabric, with striped pattern, alternating between white and another color. Seersuckers are specifically made to provide comfort for the one wearing it. This has the benefit of holding hot air away from the body, keeping you cool throughout the hot and humid months.  Keep in mind that the seersucker clothing is intended to be a little wrinkled. This means your seersucker will never iron flat, so you can save yourself some time and effort and instead enjoy the crumpled creasing look of the fabric.

Common pieces of clothing made from seersucker include suits, shorts, shirts, and robes. The most common colors for it are white and blue; however, it is produced in a wide range of colors. If you have dark colored seersucker suits, you can wear it to night parties and look amazing. You can mix up this men’s suit and wear the jacket with jeans or slacks. To add style to your look, put on a brown leather belt rather than a thick white one.  

When wearing seersucker, always keep things loose and simple. It’s way too easy to go overboard with seersuckers. Avoid shirts having any pattern as they will clash with the already striped pattern on the suit. White shirt or a light shirt that matches the suit will be the best option. Choose conservative accessories like solid colored neckties, though bow ties are fine too, but a regular necktie is best. A simple canvas shoes would be perfect if you have them; but, if you go for wearing jeans with your seersucker suit, put on white tennis shoes instead. Decided to go with seersucker shorts? Match it with plain colored polo shirts or dress shirts. Remember, when wearing seersuckers, less is definitely more. Complete your look with a pair of sunglasses and your good to go.


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