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Suits You – How To Wear A Suit That Fits

So one piece that every man need’s in his wardrobe is one really nice suit. You usually see men in their suits during special occasions. Whether it be for a business meeting, a cocktail party, wedding, funeral, or even a job interview, looking good is a must!

For men who are new to wearing suits, you may first want to play it safe, and go for something more neutral and conservative. These colors include gray, black, navy blue, and brown. There is nothing wrong with having just one suit, just make sure that it looks nice. And by that I don’t mean it has to be a $6000 designer special but just one that looks good on you.

Now that you picked out your suit it’s time to see if it fits! And by fit I don’t mean that you got most of yourself in it. Do not wear a suit that doesn’t fit you properly. No grown man should every, EVERY wear highwaters or frankenstein sleeves. A suit should never be too big, or too small. It does not matter if it appears to be the latest trend at the time, a suit should be as close to a perfect fit as possible. If you aren’t tall enough to wear a regular type suit, don’t buy a regular — buy the short instead. If you gained weight for your suit to fit properly, you have to buy a new one. Your suit should fit well and give you a full range of motion, both buttoned and unbuttoned. With this being said you should have your suit professionally tailored to fit YOU. I know you bought it in your size, but your actual size differs in a different places (arms, shoulders, mid-section, etc.) actually did a great piece about making a custom made suit from scratch:

Step 1: Find a reputable tailor

Good tailors are usually found in major department stores or in the high-end shopping districts. Friends, family and influential colleagues might also refer you to a trustworthy tailor. Ask around and inquire about references.

Step 2: Choose your fabric

Once you’ve chosen a highly regarded tailor, the next step is to settle on a suitable fabric. The suit’s fabric will make the difference between a $1,500 suit and a $6,000 one. That’s why many popular designers use fabrics with a grade of 100s or 110s (quality of fabric) to cut costs and increase markups.

Because you’re not paying for the brand name, you can opt for higher quality grades and still pay the same price or cheaper. Anything above a grade of 110s is guaranteed to make a respectable-looking and durable suit. As you may have guessed, higher grade equals better quality and an elevated price.

Grades range from low 80s to high-end super 180s. At the price you’ll pay for the super 180s, you’re better off just putting a down payment on a brand new BMW.

Step 3: Measure for fitting

At this stage, your tailor will take all the required measurements to make your suit fit like a glove. It’s important to maintain open communication at all stages of your suit’s fabrication. Chances are your tailor has made thousands of suits and he knows what he’s doing; nevertheless, ask questions and provide feedback.

Tell him how you’d like your suit to fall on your shoulders, waist and shoes. That’s the beauty of a tailor-made suit: You won’t need to have it altered several times before it fits perfectly. We all know how frustrating it is to have a piece of clothing that falls awkwardly, especially when it costs you an arm and a leg.

Customization is especially attractive to those with distinctive body types. Tall men won’t have any problems with short sleeves or pants that don’t fit. Chubby men, on the other hand, can have suits made to make them look thinner and more attractive. All these little perks definitely override buying a popular brand name.

For the rest of the article you can check out here.

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Bow Down – How to Tie A Bowtie

Going to formal event, whether it be a wedding, a business meeting, a fundraiser and the like, you need to look your very best. In this case, men ought to wear a coat and tie for that matter. Some may opt to put on a necktie while others choose a bowtie. Yesterday we talked about how to tie a necktie, today the mysterious bowtie. We all think it to be very difficult, but if you know how to tie your shoelaces, you can tie a bowtie. The only difference is, you tie your shoelace at your ankle while a bowtie is around your neck.


Here are 8 easy steps on how to tie a bowtie the right way.


Step 1: Drape the tie around the neck with one end– about an inch and a half longer than the other. One end has to be longer because it will contribute the material which forms the centre part of the bow between the two wings.

Step 2: Cross the longer end over the shorter end. You should cross the tie near your neck so that the loop around your neck is just large enough to work with but not loose; this is to prevent your tie from dangling over your neck.

Step 3:  Tie a simple knot.

Step 4: Pull the dangling end to the left and then fold it back over itself to the right. Hold this fold, which will be the front loop of the completed tie, between your shirt’s collar points.

Step 5: Drop the raised end of the tie over the front of the bow.

Step 6: Grab the left and right sides of the horizontally-folded end and pinch them together in front of the dangling end. The top of the dangling end will now be held between them.

Step 7: Feed the middle of the dangling end back through the knot you made in step 3. It will now form the back half of the bow.

Step 8: Tighten the bow by pulling on opposite sides and halves simultaneously. Pull the front right and back left ends apart to loosen; pull the front left and back right apart to tighten. Repeat until the bow is the desired shape and tightness.

There you have it. You are now a professional bowtie tier?, bowtier? Anyway you get the point.

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Tied Up: Windsor & Half Windsor

For some, putting on a tie is a joy while others see this plainly as a waste of time. This is especially true if you don’t know the proper way to tie your necktie. But you see, there is more than just one style in tying your tie. There are two popular choices: the Windsor and the half Windsor.

How to Tie Full Winsor

Step 1: Place the tie around your neck with the skinny end hanging on one shoulder and the thicker end on the other shoulder. Step 2: Adjust the length of the skinny end by making it longer or shorter, depending on the size of your neck. Step 3: Cross the fat portion over the skinny end to make an X fairly close to your neck (around about the second button on your dress shirt). Step 4: Fold the larger end around the smaller end; loop the fat end through the neck and pull the two ends slightly apart so that the larger end is on one side of your body and the thinner end is on the other. Step 5: Take the bigger end of the tie and fold it behind your first “knot,” then loop the larger end toward you through the noose of the neck to form a second “knot,” and pull this one tight. Step 6: To complete the final knot, fold the larger end around the two other “knots” you created previously (thus covering them both up) and loop it through the noose again. Step 7: To complete the final knot, fold the larger end around the two other “knots” you created previously (thus covering them both up) and loop it through the noose again.

How to Tie Half-Windsor

Simply follow the first 4 steps in tying a Windsor then fold the thicker end over your handiwork so far and bring the large end of the tie through the noose, tucking it into the knot you made.

Other ways of tying your tie are: the Four-In-Hand, and the shell knot which you can use during casual wear; and the Pratt, which is similar to the Windsor but tied more loosely.

How to Make a Dimple in Your Necktie Knot  gives us a little advice on how to get the perfect dimple.

To make a dimpled tie knot is actually quite easy. During the final step of your tie knot, right before tightening, slide a finger inside the loop and carefully fold the tie along the center. Fold the tie all the way up through the knot to ensure the dimple stays in place. Then, carefully tighten the knot while pulling out your finger. With a little bit of practice it really is that simple. If you still have difficulty making a dimple after several attempts, then try it with a different necktie. Different fabric weaves make some ties better suited for a dimpled tie knot than others.

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Accessorizing – Shoes 2 Belts

One of the overlooked areas in men’s stylish dressing is the relationship between belts and shoes. The first point to make concerning belts and shoes is that you should not actually match them, they should complement each other.  Since men’s belt don’t really have much color options to choose from, other than the traditional colors such as black, brown, white and rich tan, we wouldn’t have that much difficulty matching it with shoes.

The belt, a member of the accessory family, is often only an after-thought. As much as the belt is functional, it is ultimately used to add further style to the outfit.

A simple rule to keep in mind is that you should wear a brown belt with brown shoes and a black belt with black shoes. Pay particular attention to shades. You should match your brown belt to the particular shade of brown shoes exactly. Wearing a beige colored leather belt with a pair of dark brown business shoes is careless and never advisable. No matter how much thought you put into the rest of your outfit, it will look a bit messy or out of tune with the rest of you.

Tone will mostly apply to brown, since there are so many shades to choose from. The darker the shoe is the darker the belt should be. You want to create harmony in the tones of leather and not conflict. Let them always complement each other.

The last area to touch on is how to select a belt when wearing shoes in bright colors, like red or green.  Wearing a belt in the same color will often seem too much.  If you are wearing red shoes it would probably be the main focus of your outfit and a red belt would only serve to knock your look right over the edge.  Consider a brown that has some red tone to it like a caramel color.

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Secret Society: The Tie Society

So today’s quick post is a bit about a great new company called Tie Society. Tie Society is basically the Gamefly of the tie industry. You simply sign up for an account, pick a plan, and then keep the tie/ties until your ready for a new one. The plans start at 10.95/month for 1 tie,  19.95/month for 3 ties, 29.95/month for 5 ties, and the lastly 49.95/month for 10 ties. Once your done with the tie your can return it for free and get a new one within 3 business days. This is a really interesting idea in that you keep your wardrobe fresh and never can go without having to wear the same tie twice! I’m going to try it out and keep you guys updated.

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