Link In – Accessorizing with Cuff Links Part 1

25 Jul

Linked In

This week we give you the in’s and out’s of cuff links, including a little history, etiquette, styles, and most importantly how to wear them.

Today we give you a little history of cuff links, and more importantly how to wear them. The cuff link as we know it started to gain popularity during the reign of Louis XIV when shirt sleeves started to be fastened with boutons de manchette, or “sleeve buttons,” typically identical pairs of coloured glass buttons joined together by a short, linked chain according to wikipedia.
Cuff-links can’t be worn with you traditional standard barrel-sleeved shirt. Today they are and should be only worn with “french cuff” shirts, which are just shirts with a style of cuff that features two layers of folding fabric, making for a twice-normal-size wrist covering that can extend past the tips of your fingers when unfastened.

French cuff shirts give you a classy look that says “I’m an international spy jetsetter, who gets the girl… Everytime.” Or at least I like to think that when I’m wearing them. But they do give you a more formal look so they should typically be worn with a blazer, jacket, or some type of overcoat. You can always “dress-down” the formal look of french cuffs with a silk knot which is also known as monkey’s fists, as a more low-maintenance option, according to

How to Wear Them

Cuff links are quite simple to wear. They replace buttons of your shirt.

1. With your shirt cuff folded back align the holes on both sided.


2. Pinch the ends to get and insert you unlocked swivel (straightened) cuff link through your outer edge and then your inner edge.

3. Lock the swivel (make it perpendicular) to prevent the cuff from falling out.

4. Make sure that the cuff link face is face out.

5. Be confident in you cool accessory. In men’s fashion you style is your confidence. You would be impressed how everyone thinks one good looks great rocking an accessory (even a fedora) when he is confident that he looks good in it.

Tomorrow we will bring you the etiquette of nice cuff links along with some dues and don’ts.

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