Accessorizing – The tie bar

11 Jul

Here at the Man’s Closet we will bring you occasional style tips in addition to information about our app.

Today we will look at accessorizing with a tie bar. Men’s fashion is all about style, swagger, and confidence. That comes with just do a little thing to something classic, ie the colored tie bar, the personalized cuff links, etc. The only problem is you can’t do multiple things at once. Like a tie clip, with cuff links, and a pocket square and so on and so one.  Simplicity speaks multitudes.

For tie bars take a look at this figure from

The right “zone” for the tie bar.

Just don’t be the guy with the tie bar around his bellybutton!


Posted by on July 11, 2012 in Accessories, Fashion, Men's Fashion


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2 responses to “Accessorizing – The tie bar

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