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Accessorizing – Cuff Links Part 3

Do’s and Don’ts of Cuff Links

For the last segment of our week long trend of accessorizing with cuff links we just focus on the do’s and don’ts of wearing your cuff links.


  • Do match you metals – Gold cufflinks with a silver watch doesn’t look too hot together.
  • Do coordinate your colors – you don’t want to have blue and green cuff links with a purple and red tie. This is the simple part, unless you’re color blind.
  • Do keep you cuff links polish -nothing like dirty tarnished cuff links to completely kill your look of elegance and sophistication.
  • Do try to keep classy – simple designs go a long way. But there is nothing wrong with your favorite team’s logo or a symbol that references you career or interest every now and then


  • Don’t try to wear without a suit or tux – occasionally you can pull it off with a coat that hangs right or the right sports coat. Never…EVER…wear with SHORTS. You will look like a clown. I saw this once and literally laughed out loud.
  • Don’t let your cuff links over-power your outfit – Remember you are the centerpiece. Your clothes should just accentuate you. So tone down your crazy over the top links.
  • Don’t over accessorize – like I stated above you want to be the man of the hour and of the conversation, not your accessorize. “Hey you remember [insert lame over-enthusiastic guy]’s matching camouflaged cufflinks, tie, and tie bar”…Yeah, they remembered your silly ensemble, but not YOU.


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The Man’s Closet App now has sharing to Facebook and Twitter

The Man’s Closet App now has sharing to facebook and twitter. Our release date has been move back to August for Android. for more info.

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Accessorizing – Cuff Links Part 2

Yesterday we talked about how to wear your cuff links. Today we talk about the different type of cuff links. The good people over at have put together a really good read on the different type of cuff links here.

Types of Cufflinks

41 How to Buy & Wear Cufflinks
There are two types of cuff fasteners used today: cufflinks, and silk knots. Cufflinks are the most formal, common, and traditional type of cuff fastener; made of steel, gold, or other precious metals, they add a touch of understated class to an outfit. There are essentially four types of cufflinks

Torpedo cufflinks

The most common, available at nearly any and every men’s retailer. They’re made of a decorative face, backed by a plain clip to keep them in place. Just push them through, and snap the clip into place.

Chain link cufflinks

A more formal choice. Made of two decorative faces connected by a chain, they’re not commonly seen in everyday wear anymore. Usually paired with black-tie, they’re limited by availability and often, occasion. If you need a pair, you’re likely going to need to buy them as part of a stud set.

Bar cufflinks

The simplest of all, involving two decorative balls connected by a bar. The halves are usually very plain, but sometimes include striped or pallet-shaped designs. Unlike chain and torpedo cufflinks, there are no moving parts here, making them a very simple push-through cuff fastener.

Silk knots

Also known as monkey’s fists, are a more low-maintenance option. Silk knots are strands of elastic, tied to form two equal knots joined together. No longer made of silk due to reasons of cost and durability, newly purchased French cuff shirts usually come with a pair in the cuffs as placeholders.

A perfectly acceptable choice for day-to-day wear, they should be left at home on dressier occasions. Available in a variety of colors, use them to compliment your necktie, or pocket square for an extra bit of flair.

Tomorrow we’ll go over more cuff link etiquette.

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Link In – Accessorizing with Cuff Links Part 1

Linked In

This week we give you the in’s and out’s of cuff links, including a little history, etiquette, styles, and most importantly how to wear them.

Today we give you a little history of cuff links, and more importantly how to wear them. The cuff link as we know it started to gain popularity during the reign of Louis XIV when shirt sleeves started to be fastened with boutons de manchette, or “sleeve buttons,” typically identical pairs of coloured glass buttons joined together by a short, linked chain according to wikipedia.
Cuff-links can’t be worn with you traditional standard barrel-sleeved shirt. Today they are and should be only worn with “french cuff” shirts, which are just shirts with a style of cuff that features two layers of folding fabric, making for a twice-normal-size wrist covering that can extend past the tips of your fingers when unfastened.

French cuff shirts give you a classy look that says “I’m an international spy jetsetter, who gets the girl… Everytime.” Or at least I like to think that when I’m wearing them. But they do give you a more formal look so they should typically be worn with a blazer, jacket, or some type of overcoat. You can always “dress-down” the formal look of french cuffs with a silk knot which is also known as monkey’s fists, as a more low-maintenance option, according to

How to Wear Them

Cuff links are quite simple to wear. They replace buttons of your shirt.

1. With your shirt cuff folded back align the holes on both sided.


2. Pinch the ends to get and insert you unlocked swivel (straightened) cuff link through your outer edge and then your inner edge.

3. Lock the swivel (make it perpendicular) to prevent the cuff from falling out.

4. Make sure that the cuff link face is face out.

5. Be confident in you cool accessory. In men’s fashion you style is your confidence. You would be impressed how everyone thinks one good looks great rocking an accessory (even a fedora) when he is confident that he looks good in it.

Tomorrow we will bring you the etiquette of nice cuff links along with some dues and don’ts.

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Pattern Recognition

Your Starting Five (of men’s dress shirts)


Last week we talked about cooling down with summer fabrics. Today we are going to introduce some hot patterns. Here are five summer dress shirts that every guy should have in their summer rotation.

The Solid White

The workhorse of every man’s attire.  This is your Shaq. You simple dump the ball off in the post and get out the way. Simple to match with you tie, pants, and shoes. But surprisingly difficult to keep burger and pizza stains off (or maybe that’s just me with my 11th grade coordination).

The Fine Line

This is simple but somewhat classier goto shirt. Think of this as you Clyde Drexler of dress shirts. Smooth and simple but enough of a force to be a regular contender.

The Thick or Bengal Stripe

This is your Kobe Bryant of dress shirts. This shirt can bring the “umphf” and screams “hey I just scored and I want you to tell everybody you know.” This is your shirt when you want to be noticed.

The Windowpane

This shirt adds a little intelligence to your look, whether or not there is any there to start. This was a tough one as to who was a more intelligent basketball player, but I decided to go with Steve Nash. Amazing basketball IQ, but below average fashion sense most of the time but you get the analogy. (Originally thought about going with Jason Kidd, but with the DV abuse history and the DUI I though otherwise)


This one is a bolder pattern, but not flashy at all. This would be your Karl Malone of the bunch. Strong, consistent, and like the Mailman, delivers most days of the week…it also is ready to throw a dirty elbow at the drop of a dime.

The starting five of any man’s line up when it comes to dressing sharp.

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Accessorizing – Socks


Simple but effective

While at a wedding last night  I saw a gentleman wearing a pair of socks the perfectly complimented his tie.  there is very little etiquette when it comes to socks and dress wear. Except for this one rule: no gym socks! A little bit of color in your socks goes a long way when coordinating with your tie.

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The definition of cool.


With summer here and in full blast we decided to bring you some info on this summers coolest fashion, literally. When its consistently over 100 degrees you don’t want to trap heat and sweat. That’s why God made Linen, and Poplin, and so on. But these fabrics have fibers that breath well and lend themselves to the summer very well.


That cool refreshing linen

Linen keeps you supercool, but it’s only drawback is that it wrinkles quite easily and is not extremely “dressy”, if you have to go into work. But outside of work it is great for looking and feeling cool. It is of course easily pair with linen or any lightweight light color pants and the obligatory pair of loafers.

Poplin Fresh

Poplin is 100% cotton and also keeps you cool. It is a little more finished as a fabric. It’s not as cool as linen, but makes up for that by requiring very little ironing. This can easily be matched with anything given the fine quality of the fabric.

We’ll discuss what hot patterns will keep you cool later this week.

The Return of Cool

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